Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier with Unique 7 Stage Filtration + Remote Control

Clean Air Delivery Rate (Cadr) At 180M³/Hr
Area Covered Max. Up To 350 Sq. Ft.
Digital Display With Control Buttons

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Best-In-Class 7-Stage Filtration System:

  1. Alloy Washable Filter out: Stops Heavier Particles Of Hair, Dust, And so on.
  2. Cold Catalyst Filter out: It Can Be Used To Deal With Formaldehyde/Ammonia/Benzene/Tvoc/Hydrogen Sulfide And Other Harmful Gases Released By Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers, Carpets, Curtains And Bedspreads.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter out: A Distinctive Honeycomb Coconut Shell Activated Design Containing Are living Charcoal Granuals, Blocks Gases And Odours. Eliminates: Cigarette Smoke/Pet & Sweat Odours/Other Harmful Gases And so on.
  4. Anti-Microbial Filter out: The 5-Microns Filter out With Antimicrobial Agents Can Efficiently Capture Microbes In The Air.
  5. Hepa Filter out : Traps Pollutants Of Size 0.3 Micron At 99.97% Efficiency Rate. Eliminates : Very Small Particles/Small Allergens/Microscopic Bacteria And Viruses/Dust Mites, And so on.
  6. Ultra Violet Light: The 365Nm Uv Light Works Independently To Neutralize Microorganisms. Eliminates : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses And so on.
  7. Negative Ionizer: Zillions Of Healthy Negative Ions Fill Your Room For Continued Cleaning. Increases Freshness In The Room & Activity Level In Your Body. Also Is helping Increases Immunity, Creates Forest/Hill Station Type Air. Clean Air Delivery Rate (Cadr) At 180M³/Hr.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cadr (Air Go with the flow): 180M³/Hr
  • Anion: 5X10·/Cm³
  • Pm 2.5: 96.5%
  • Tvoc: 94.5%
  • Natural Bacteria: 98.2%
  • Dust Removal: 99.9%
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • Weight: 4.8Kg
  • Applicable Area: 35M³
  • Noise: 18Db
  • Control Operation: Panel Buttons + Remote Control
  • Sensor: Odor Sensor
  • Filter Main points: Alloy Washable Filter out + Nano-Coldcatalyst + Activated Carbon Filter out + Antibacterial Filter out + Hepa Filter out + Uv Lamp

Clean Air Delivery Rate (Cadr) At 180M³/Hr
Area Covered Max. Up To 350 Sq. Ft.
Digital Display With Keep watch over Buttons
Remote Controlled.Sleep Mode .Wind Speed Adjustment .Timer Mode.Best possible In Class 6-Stage Filtration System
Smart Uv & Anion Mode.Odor Sensor

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