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AirTamer Negative Ion Generator Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier A310, Black


BREATHE CLEANER SAFER AIR: The AirTamer A310 is the leading personal air purifier on the market using cutting-edge technology to emit negative ions and push pollutants away from your breathing zone; The AirTamer Electrostatic Purification radiates a 3-foot orbit of safer air in any direction, creating a sphere of protection against harmful pollutants
GOODBYE FILTERS: Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing filters; The AirTamer A310 uses the latest technology in air purification; Using electrostatic purification, the A310 emits millions of negative ions into the air forcing dangerous pollutants, allergens, pet dander or odors out of your sphere of clean breathable air
RECHARGEABLE AIR PURIFIER: Replacing Batteries becomes a thing of the past, with the AirTamer A310; This portable personal purifier operates for 150+ hours on one single charge ensuring your protection against airborne pollutants such as bacteria and viruses; The perfect accessory to protect you during flu season

Dolphy 45W Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


Material: ABS& Metal , Model no. : DAPM0002
4 stages Filtration : (1) Pre-filter (2)True HEPA+fibre (3) Active carbon (4) Air Ionizer
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): : 260m³/h

Dolphy 65W Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


Material: ABS & Metal, Model no. : DAPM0005
4 stages Filtration : (1) Pre-filter (2)HEPA filter (3) Active carbon (4) Air Ionizer
Power : 65W, Voltage : 220V-240V

Eveready AP322 40-Watt Air Purifier with HEPA Filter (Golden)


Wide coverage area upto 670 square feet
Clean air delivery 150 m3/hr
UV sterilization to rapidly kill bacteria and virus

Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier For Room (White)


Presenting Air Touch A5 indoor air purifier by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company
Versatile Coverage Area and efficiency – CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) – 250 cu m/hr, offers up to 30 sq.m coverage area for a room with 2.74m height – suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms
Three stage advanced filtration system that removes pollutants with more than 99% efficiency

Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier(White)


Wattage: 45 watts
Coverage area: 290 sq. ft. / 27 sq. m
Air Delivery Rate : 180 m3/hr



Air Purifier, true HEPA filter – Removes dust particles and harmful allergens
Digital Display, Air Quality Indicator, Filter Change Indicator, Room Temperature Display
Coverage Area – 450 sq.ft. – suitable for living room/bed rooms, Low Power consumption – 50W, Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – 280m3/hr

Mi 2S Vertical Air Purifier (White)


OLED display; Laser particle sensor
Allergen and Odour free
310m³ PM/hr CADR | Remote app control

Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD 21-Watt Air Purifier (White/Orange)


Air Purifier Type – Room
Coverage area: 215 sq. ft. / 20 sq. mtrs.
Warranty: 1 year on product

Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 230V Air Purifier (Grey)


Air Purifier Type – Room; Purification method – Filter based + Air Ionizer (Nanoe)
Coverage area: 215 sq. ft. / 20 sq. mtrs., especially suitable for bedroom / other room (small)
Warranty: 1 Year on Product and 2 Years on filter

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration


Air Purifier Type – Room; Purification method – High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
Coverage area: 677 sq. ft. / 63 sq. mtrs., especially suitable for bedrooms
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 270 m3/hr